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Portable cabin manufacturers- portable sanitizer cabin

We are one of the eminent Portable cabin manufacturers and wide range of Portable sanitizer cabins, Security cabins, Potable Toilets, Portable Godowns, Porta Cabin in India

Portable cabin manufacturers – portable sanitizer cabin manufacturer

Universal Metal Engineering is quite quick in responding to queries related to Portable cabins manufacturing items located in Mumbai, but supplies all over the country.

We provide large things and administrations from the begening rate price to any or all goals worldwide- Portable sanitizer cabin also available


Our foundation members are specialized in their area unit. The out standing capability of our specialist has likewise helped so many customers likewise. Our team is attributable to the commitment of our planners, pay specialist it at. Our scope of reassembled systems, cabins, Toilets, Bunk houses, etc.


Bunk homes

The BUNK homes area units imply planned with adequate wind stream. Our Bunk system area unit designed beneath conditions during which we tend to meet the client requirements.

 Even at remote confined sites, which could be used as domicile Modules or operating setting contraptions. Endeavor Rooms room devices, Chaos units, toilets, and wash gadgets.

Our offered Bunk homes area unit planned and created having most extreme auxiliary reliability. Climate proofness, spill proofness, and luxurious activity underneath serious climate.

We are a unit occupied with making an incredible scope of transferable Lodges that area unit given in differing table work. To be had in assortment of hues. sizes, styles and what is more as in venture with buyer’s determination of amass. Our boards grant North American country to provide run in workplace lodge structure and development.

We take under consideration banks, NGOs, company homes, base camps, eudaemonia partnerships. Mission execution associations and various others. with our scope of opening lodges/office lodges.


We take under consideration banks, NGOs, company homes, base camps, eudaemonia associations, task execution organizations and various others.

Compact Wash space

The room get along includes of profiles, entryways, parcel, roofs, Measured room fittings, room cabinets, Divider Framing, etc.

We established convenient room frameworks made at our workplace. These room area unit fireproof and embrace nice heat and protection properties on account of utilization of good material. We’ve structured atmosphere proof opening space. That area unit best for room and may well be sent in one piece at task website. Rranch or collection unit places.

The room gathering incorporates profiles, entryways, parcel, roofs. Measured room fittings, room racks, Divider Framing then on., which could be simply introduced in 4-5 hours . Portable cabin manufacturers

Portable Sanitizer Cabins Full Body

Product Details

Item Specification \ cabins for Covid19 Crona virus

Cleansing For Humans

Use/Application Hospital

Material PVC, Steel

Appropriate for Permanent installation, Temporary installation

Least Order Quantity 1 Box

Item Description

  • Convenient lightweight Toilet Portable isolation cabin/ wards
  • Convenient Clinics Sanitization tunnels , Disinfection tunnels
  • Convenient Sanitisation/booth Sanitisation full body tunnel Portable bunk house/Portable emergency clinic lodge Sanitizing Tunnel Sanitizing Spray/Sanitizing Misting Tunnel
  • Cleansing Tunnel System/Sanitizer Spray Tunnel Disinfection Sanitizing Misting Tunnel, FITEK Double Wall Corona Nano Mist Disinfectant Tunnel
  • Disinfectant Walk Through Tunnels ,Corona Disinfectant Spray Tunnel Cabin

What is Portable cabin?

Portable cabins are transportable buildings that is uniquely intended for porting starting with one area then onto the next.

What is a Portable cabin made of?

The top inside layer of the compressed wood will again be secured with 2.0 mm thick PVC sheets. Protection: Structural lodges will be protected on sides, end dividers with 50mm thick glass fleece and the rooftop with 75 mm thick glass fleece.

How much does it cost to build a Portable cabin?

The primary cost factors for a Portable cabin are building size and the customizations or highlights you pick. Hope to pay somewhere in the range of INR 600 and INR 700 per square foot overall.

Do you need planning permission for temporary buildings?

Under certain conditions, you may not require arranging consent for your structure, for example if the structure has a story space of under 100 m² AND it won’t be utilized for over 28 days.

How tall is a Portable cabin?

The Portable cabin building is accessible in a scope of different shape and sizes. It offers a roomy open-plan inside that can be arranged to your definite necessities, utilizing segment dividers to make singular rooms, halls and banquet rooms. Singular structures can be connected next to each other or start to finish to frame bigger buildings. Portable cabin structures can likewise be situated to shape two-story structures, with outer walkways and staircases.

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