Portable cabin manufacturer and supplier

Universal Metal Engineering
 is a leading Portacabins manufacturer and supplier of new, multi purpose portable buildings.

Based in Mumbai delivery Pan India. Our Porta cabins company is able to deliver high-quality portable Buildings at excellent prices to all destinations worldwide.

Years of experience, expertise and skill along with modern facilities, equipment and technology has given shape. To extraordinary products to meet standard specifications.

Portable cabins

UME Portacabin has always taken great pride in adapting its fleet of units to meet the ever-changing needs of the construction industry.

We manufacture Porta Cabins, GRP Cabins, Security cabin, Container cabin, Container office,  Mobile office, Fire Proof Cabins, Porta Offices, Bunk House, Porta Bunks, Portable toilet, Portable office, Prefab Manufacturer, Prefab Structure, Prefabricated Manufacturer, Prefabricated Structure & Cabin, Portable guard cabin

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security cabin
portable toilets
portable luxury cabin
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From formal office accommodation to comfortable eating and relaxation areas, toilet and shower facilities to site security units, we are pleased to supply the full range right across the construction spectrum as well as tailor-made designs for special requirements.

We place as much focus on the speed and efficiency of delivering these spaces as we do their design.

Portable cabins provide a safe & comfortable working environment which is suitable for almost any location. These cabins are economical, very high at quality and can be transported easily from one place to other.

Our Mission

We strive to develop and manufacture industry’s most advanced portable structures (Porta cabins) using the latest technology. And translating into value for our customers through our professional services…

Our Vision

To be a leading Global supplier in taking advanced Portable Structures. To the next dimension by virtue of unmatched product quality

Company Values

Integrity – Our longstanding and uncompromising commitment is to be  honorable and trustworthy in all our endeavors.

Commitment – We have built our reputation on our dedication to our employees. And our pledge to provide the best solution for our business partners.

Innovation – We draw upon our heritage and passion to provide creative solutions, that meet the needs  of those who rely on us.

Advantages : 

  1. Eco Friendly

  2. Maintenance Free

  3. Durable

  4. Customized

  5. Economical

  6. Portable and User Friendly Utilities to User:

  7. Site Office

  8. Accommodation for Site Engineer

  9. Medical Dispensary or Laboratories

  10. Security Cabins

  11. Conference Rooms

  12. Tool Booth

  13. Porta Cabins, Security cabin are an affordable alternative to traditional buildings, and of course they offer a flexible solution where accommodation is required for an uncertain period of time.