portable house
Portable house or Portable home

STRUCTURE Base: 125mm x 75mm “I” channel, cross individual from 100×50 mm on which18mm Bison Cement handle with Floor Tiles.

Rooftop: Inner external bended sort of M.S. Channel mounded with G.I Sheet 1.2mm, inner12mm M.R employ with sunmaika (spare touch 1mm).GAGE STRUCTURE WALL PANEL and INTERNAL WALL: M.S outline work with square funnel with external ACP sheet and divider thickness 50mm ( Glass Wall50mm and inward with 12mm MR Ply with sunmaika)Paint: PU/epoxy paint on external rooftop, epoxy groundwork paint on all M.S Pipe

DOOR: 30mm Ply Board with sunmaika and appropriate locking game plan (godrej), Door loser.INSULATION: 50mm thick Glass fleece to be accommodated rooftop, which has rarecombination like lower warm conductivity& high protection from moisture& heat.WINDOW: Window will be Aluminum Moving sort, with covering &,glass will be clear glass.

ELECTRIC:  Cabin gave hid electrical Poly Cab links and wiring reasonable for250 volt ,50HZ single stage AC power flexibly Poly taxi links utilized are of 3/19 link forlighting circuits, ISI mark and disguised PVC courses protected Poly Cab utilized for wiring inPVC conductor with little size dissemination board with MCB assurance and to isolate with primary gracefully.

Features of portable house

  • Specifics 450 Sqr feet
  • Fan Crompton, Exhause 5/2
  • Driven Light (square shape) 10
  • 6 Amp Switch depend
  • 15 Amp Switch (Split AC Provision) depend
  • Primary Door 1
  • Mass Head Light (Main Door) 1
  • MCB (32 Amp) 1

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