STRUCTURE Base: 125mm x 75mm “I” channel, cross member of 100×50 mm on which18mm Bison Cement ply with Floor Tiles.

ROOF: Inner outer curved type of M.S. Pipe mounded with G.I Sheet 1.2mm, inner12mm M.R ply with sunmaika (save touch 1mm).GAGE STRUCTURE WALL PANEL & INTERNAL WALL: M.S frame work with square pipe with outer ACP sheet & wall thickness 50mm ( Glass Wall50mm and inner with 12mm MR Ply with sunmaika)Paint: PU / epoxy paint on outer roof, epoxy primer paint on all M.S Pipe..

DOOR: 30mm Ply Board with sunmaika and suitable locking arrangement (godrej), Door loser.INSULATION: 50mm thick Glass wool to be provided for roof, which possesses rarecombination like lower thermal conductivity& high resistance to moisture& heat.WINDOW: Window shall be Aluminum Moving type, with coating &,glass shall be clear glass.

ELECTRIC: Cabin provided with concealed electrical Poly Cab cables & wiring suitable for250 volt ,50HZ single phase AC power supply Poly cab cables used are of 3/19 cable forlighting circuits, ISI mark & concealed PVC conduits insulated Poly Cab used for wiring inPVC conduit with small size distribution board with MCB protection and to separate with main supply.

Features of portable house

  • PARTICULARS 450 Sqr feet
  • Fan Crompton, Exhause 5 / 2
  • LED Light (square shape) 10
  • 6 Amp Switch depend
  • 15 Amp Switch (Split AC Provision) depend
  • Main Door 1
  • Bulk Head Light (Main Door) 1
  • MCB (32 Amp) 1
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